WiFi Dropout Solution for Smart Devices (Sky Safari etc.) #WiFi

W Hilmo

For what it’s worth, I have had no trouble with the WiFi.


I have two use cases, visual and imaging.


When I am imaging, I have my laptop connected to the mount via Ethernet, but I have on occasion connected my iPhone to the CP4’s access point and done some ad-hoc control with SkySafari.  This is a fairly rare scenario, since my sessions are typically run either by CCDAP or SGP.  But it has always worked.


When I am doing visual work, I initialize the mount with the keypad, and then connect either my iPhone or iPad to the CP4’s access point and use SkySafari. In this scenario, I leave the device connected to the CP4 all night long.  I occasionally put the device (iPhone or iPad) to sleep while connected, and it always reconnects immediately when it wakes.


I’m sorry that there is nothing here to help the people who are having issues (and I know someone personally who is having disconnect problems that he’s not been able to resolve; I think that he’s given up on the wireless).  But I wanted to toss it out there as a data point that not everyone is having the problem.


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The problem we are having is a general inability to reproduce the issue.   George and I both have iPhones.  I also have an iPad Pro.  Liam has an Android phone as does our engineer.  All of us have Sky Safari (among other astro-software) on our devices.  We also all have laptops - both PC and Mac.  None of us can find a way to reliably reproduce the dropout issue here in house.



Robert Berta

Think this issue is for Android devices only. It sounds like those with I phones or I tablets don't have the issue. I will try the channel suggestion but I am pretty sure I already tried that before without success. It is interesting that those of us with SkyFi module have no issues at all with Android or Apple products where the AP CP4 does. As you mentioned when using the SkyFi it sometimes after a long time non-use but reconnects easily every time and the connection to the actual wireless at the CP4 never gets dropped. On the CTOCP4 if it drops the signal SkySafari can't reconnect EVEN THOUGH the Android device still shows it is connected to the wireless of the CP4.