Thoughts on DSV, and new upgrade to 2.02.10

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Hello everyone,
Please be sure to download the 2.02.10 upgrade for DSV, I have improved
significantly the load and startup time from 2.02.09. I did not like the
long wait to start the program, a signifcant improvment should be visible

Another note, I would like some more feedback on usage of DSV, if you
have any notes or features you would like to see, please be sure to use the
User-Comments area on the web site, off the main table of contents. It
permits you to directly send me email about your thoughts etc...

Update on version 3.00, we are closing in finnishing this one. I will be
looking for BETA Testers, it is a MAJOR upgrade with many many new features.
I would like some BETA testers who will provide feedback to me for it.

last note: I am finnaly going to get a chance to add the GOTO and standard
AP listserves to my web site and the A/P web site. sorry delay. I also
completing a email for all AP-GTO users who have DSV and I have their email
to get them notified about this list.

Thank for your time.

- Charles Sinsofsky

aka: strfire@...