The 2020 Thank You Card

Karen Christen

Hey Astro-Nuts,


One of our favorite traditions at Astro-Physics is the annual Feast and Thank You Card Signing.  Each year our entire team gets together to eat a fabulous meal and hand-sign a few hundred thank-you cards for all customers who purchased a telescope or mount during that year.  (If you’ve gotten a scope or mount from us prior to 2020 you may have received one of these before.)  It’s a great time full of laughter and hand cramps as we recall how fortunate we are to have such amazing customers.  Sadly, the pandemic prevented us from holding this event in 2020 – and forced us to get creative.  Instead of cards, we signed 5 Astro-Physics ball caps and did a random drawing for winners. 


Check out the hat below.  Congratulations to these winners (who have agreed to have their name shared): Drew Maser, John Barnwell, Steve Busch, and David Payne.


We’re so sorry we were not able to send a personal card to everyone.  We’ll reinstate that tradition in 2021.  But we had so much fun with this we may do a hat every year.  😉  From all of us, Thank You for being the very best customers in the whole world!


The Entire AP Team


Karen Christen

Marcelo Figueroa

I received one of those cards a couple of years ago when I bought my Mach1 :-). 
And thank you for the amazing support and even more amazing products.