Temporarily disabling Safety Slew ?

Eric Claeys

Programs like Sequence Generator Pro slew to an object and then try to center it using plate solves and additional slews.  When the counterweights are up, the second slew (which is usually very small) causes the mount to slew to counterweights horizontal, then slew back to the target.  Depending on how far up the counterweights are, this second (and potentially 3rd and 4th) slews consume time.

Is it possible to tell the mount not to do a safety slew when the new slew is within the meridian limits?  If it only needs to slew, for example, 20 arc seconds, why do the safety slew instead of just moving the 20 arc seconds?

If this isn't currently possible, is it something that can be added to the feature request list?

Mike Hanson

Hi Eric,

I got this to work.  When running the ASCOM client through the V2 driver, in turn through APCC. You'll need to setup the meridian delay and meridian limits in APCC.  The meridian limits need to extend past the counterweights up zone allowed by the meridian delay.  Short slews commanded from APCC will still perform a safety slew, whereas short slews commanded from the ASCOM client will skip the safety slew.

Mike Hanson