Sky Safari Pro 6 (and possibly other versions) time issue

Robert Berta

I am a BETA tester for Sky Safari. I recently noted that after a recent update the time is incorrect and an hour off. You can verify if you have this problem by opening the app and looking at the time shown in the upper right corner. Of course you should first verify in the settings that you have the correct location and time set.....even if it is the time shown will be wrong. I notified Sky Safari and they immediately issued an update that also includes some other bug fixes and features. The time is now correct. They also now have the various Park positions that AP uses shown when you exit the program. I did verify Park 3 works as described but haven't tested the other Park positions due to rain and clouds. 
I use the Android version which can be updated at the Play Store. Apple folks will have to look for it at their appropriate update site. 
The app now works quite well with Sky Safari and the wireless ability of the CP4 and CP5 control boxes. As Roland suggested.....keep the little antennae folded flat and it helps to not drop the connection...something that was an issue before.

Nick Iversen

I noticed that with Sky Safari Pro 6 on my iPad that if I pick a date in 2021 and check the sunrise on that date then step through to 2121 the sunrise gets later and later. It shouldn't. Looks like they are forgetting to make leap year adjustments or something like that.