Remote Control Methods

Suresh Mohan

Tight VNC is what I used at altitude of 16500 ft above sea level in the Himalayas , I operated from my room that was warm !

Wayne Hixson

Downloaded TeamViewer on my Lenovo laptop (main control computer), my Surface Pro 3, and my iPad. Was fairly straightforward to set up. Set up in unattended mode so didn't have to have someone at the laptop.

Got all three on my local wireless and was able to control the telescope and video camera software running on the Laptop with both the Surface and the iPad. Touch response especially on the iPad was spotty, so I had to switch to mouse mode, which worked reliably. Got the telescope pointed at a star, was able to adjust position using the on-screen hand controller. The feedback lagged a bit so I set the button rate to 1x sidereal and practiced keeping the star centered which worked pretty well. I ended up setting the buttons to a fixed distance per press (10 seconds of arc), and this worked pretty well too. The camera was operating at about 60 fps, didn't see that in real time on the screen program but didn't expect to. Update rate was sufficient for me though.

Took my iPad to work the next day, with the laptop left on at home with the camera hooked up. Using my phone as a WiFi hot spot, was able to connect and run the laptop and camera very effectively.I found that I could turn down screen brightness on the laptop to the lowest levels without it affecting the view on the other end, which is nice for when I have to be running that on battery power.

The rains have returned to Seattle (2+ inches yesterday), so no opportunity to run a real imaging session or try other equipment, hope to do that soon. Initial results are very promising though. The only thing that was a little irritating was all the popups about thanks for using the product fairly, do I  want to buy a license, but I guess I can put up with that!