Re : Re: [ap-gto] APPM fail to connect camera

Yves Laroche

Hi Dan,

You need to connect the power supply with the ASI6200 even if ZWO said it's only for controlling temperature.  When trying to connect camera with a Raspberry pi, if the power supply is not connected I can't get a connection to the camera.  With Windows the connection can occur but other strange things could happen.


Le 05/08/22 22:13, Dan R Price <danrprice.ap@...> a écrit :
Could it be an intermittent problem with the ASI6200mm power supply?  I have an ASI6200mm, but I use Sequence Generator Pro.  Sometimes I forget to connect the power supply to the ASI6200mm.  The USB 3.0 cable delivers enough power that Sequence Generator Pro connects to it without error, but as soon as I try to use it with APPM an error is displayed - there's not enough power for the camera to function.  If your power supply is the problem it could very well explain what you are seeing. Do you have a different power supply?  The ASI6200mm seems to draw a lot more current than most ASI cameras.

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