Re : Re: [ap-gto] APCC Button rates behaviors

Yves Laroche

Hi Ray,

Just inspected the APCC logs'.  I found plenty of "Error,   myPersonality, No response from mount".  It seemed that my CP4 controller has lost its personality.  :-)

In reality, what is that mean?  Corrupted firmware?


Le 04/11/22 20:50, Ray Gralak <iogroups@...> a écrit :
Hi Yves,

> I really don't think that the personality of the controller has something to do here...same controller, same mount for
> years.  Also latest CP4 firmware installed ( P02-13 ).

APCC gets a mount rate code from the mount in later versions of the firmware and uses that to look up the rates in a table provided by A-P. Earlier versions of the firmware did not use a rate code so an incorrect personality code would not matter. You probably should send a short log to Mike at A-P so that he can verify the personality returned matches what it should be for your mount.