Re : [ap-gto] Installing GTOCP4 firmware version VCP4-P02-13

Yves Laroche

Okay thanks guys for you input !!!

Concerning the file, it's not a big deal for me because I'm not using the WiFi connection.

As for troubleshooting, it could be a good idea to permit a user to force the download process again when using the Java app even if the new firmware is installed.


Le 12/07/22 14:34, Yves Laroche <yves.laroche@...> a écrit :

I just did a try in installing the new firmware version in using the Java application.

I installed the pt2 file first and after the pt1 as requested.  However, there seem to have a problem with file  So I went to thru the web page and tried to install the but received this error message: "File for different hardware, Ignored"  Any idea why the file is there for ?

6. Choose first file. If there is a file with an extension of .pt2, choose it first. For example:  VCPx-xxx-xxx.pt2Yes, you will load .pt 2 first. If you select a non-loadable file, the unit will reject it with a message ‘Invalid File Extension’or ‘File for different hardware, Ignored’. That's OK, move on to the next file by returning to step 5.

In step 6, it's written to choose the pt2 file first.  Why not just renaming the pt2 file as pt1?  Why adding more confusion here?  Before it was pt1 first and so on...  My two cent !!!