Quick Question - 1100 Mount and Motor Stalling Error


Hi Everyone


A quick question.  I’ve had my equipment down for a bit to install a new focuser and QUADTCC.  I started it all up today.  I can slew using APCC but if I try to slew with another program, APCC sends an error that the motors have stalled.  I’m sure that I’ve done something simple wrong, but not sure.  I get the same error message if I park with APCC.  But it finishes the park function.  There are no wire issues.


Any thoughts on where this is coming from?





Howard Hedlund

Hi Chris,
I'm sorry I missed this.  I think you have probably drawn a false conclusion.  A slew from APCC is identical to a slew from any other program. 
  • Does the stall occur immediately when you command the slew, or does it go partway, and then stall?
  • What other software are you using?
  • Are you connecting other software through proprietary drivers?
  • What versions of APCC?  AP-V2?  ASCOM Platform?  Windows? etc.
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