Pointing Model Softwares?

Dale Penkala

Hello Everyone,
I hope this is ok to post here but, (if its not I’m sorry please delete this post) I’m just wondering what software you guys are using to control your AP mounts? I know many are using APCC software but I’m wondering if there are any other softwares out there that offers more than 2 alignment points?

My background is using the popular CPWI for Celestron mounts and I also use OnStep for a CGE Pro that I converted. In both cases they have “pointing/alignment” points that range from as low as 1 - infinity in the case of CPWI. In both cases, once I’m setup and aligned with CPWI and OnStep I switch over to my Sky Safari Pro 7 for slewing to the object I want. I have 2 setups in my observatory so these are stationary and I do not move these unless I’m switching out instruments.

My polar alignment will be very close as I use SharpCap’s polar alignment tool and regularly achieve under 10” polar alignment. At least according to SC anyway.

I’ve been using Cartes du Ciel and Sky Safari Pro 7 to move around to different objects over the years and they have served me well, but with my AP1200 I don’t have the luxury of a pointing model options so any help, suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

As of right now my plan is to polar align my mount as close as I can with SC and do a 2 star calibration with my AP1200 keypad, connect Cartes du Ciel or SkySafari Pro 7 and see just how accurate my GoTo’s are. If I’m not happy with them then obviously I’ll be looking at other software for more accurate GoTo’s. I do have plate solving thru SharpCap and don’t really use it much for the simple fact my GoTo’s are so close I don’t need to use it.

Thanks in advance!



I use Cartes du Ciel via ASCOM to control GoTos on an 1100 (non-AE).  I have used just the AP Driver and the driver and APCC Pro...no hand control.  One star alignment (Sync) works fine.  In fact, whatever star I choose is within an arc-minute or less of the center (FOV = 27' x 18'), when I first power up and slew via CdC. 


Dale Penkala

Thank you so much for this Bryan, much appreciated! I’m thinking I should be good as well but I don’t know what to expect. I have to believe that it should be quite close.