Orthoganality Issues

Tim Khan

Hi All,

I'm wondering How may of you have had to spend time
squaring your scopes with your AP Mounts. I'm having
some small problems with the pointing accuracy. I've
done drift aligments, and added shims as required, I
used a reticle EP and followed the process as
described in the manuals including fooling the mounts
meridan position to point at the same star. I took a
feeler gauge apart to use as my shims under the rings,
that way I know how much I'm placing under the rings.

Today I used Chershire and made sure the OTA and
optcal Axis are in line with each other, it was barely
of a hair, but was slightly, further off when used
with a diagonal (i have two AP diagonals...checked
both). I tweeked the collimation screws and got the
optics aligned perfectly with the tube (not using the

I Hope this will solve my pointing accuracy problem.

If anybody has any sugesstions, I would greatly
appreciate it.




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