Minor suggestion: CP5 bracket attachment to ATS Pier #Mach2GTO



Got my Mach2 a couple of weeks ago. Looks great. Waiting to finish the observatory now.  ExploraDome arrived today. One minor suggestion, and/or request for advice.

Because my setup is tall, I elected to go with a 10" ATS pier with the pier plate adapter and ADATRI. It will not be possible to attach the CP5 bracket to the ADATRI (and mount) using the supplied 1/4-20 black machined knobs because the bracket won't "clear" the outside edge of the pier.  I plan to add about 2" of spacers and find a 2.5" 1/4-20 fastener to make it all work. Not a huge problem.

However, it would be nice if Astro-Physics offered an extended length machined knob (M1485KBKIT) to accommodate piers of greater diameter than the 6" used by most.  Just a friendly suggestion.