Mach 1 tracking problem

Roland Christen

Thanks for your thoughts.
Actually on the mounts section of CN it isn't too bad until we get into encoders. The issue with encoders is that this is something new and not well understood, so as a result there is a lot of bad info. The really interesting section is refractors, and there I cannot tell you how much misinfo there is - it's just breathtaking.


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Roland, as a CN moderator, I can assure you we don't ban people for trying to clear up misconceptions. Yes, it is regrettable that a lot of misinformation and bad advice exists there, but that's the way of our present world. Blame the person who first said "everyone's entitled to their opinion"--the most destructive meme ever.

But on CN we do insist that *even if someone said something totally stupid*, and *even if someone refuses to take good advice but repeats the error he made*, people still should limit their posts to factual information and conceal their exasperation. Basically, take a couple of deep breaths and re-read post before hitting the send button--and in some cases, just don't hit that button. 

For someone's posting privileges to be curtailed, they must have made *repeated* aggressive comments, shown *repeated* exasperation, or *repeatedly* made disparaging personal remarks. Please note that this is our policy--we are not perfect, and please don't ask me to comment on any particular situation. 

The goal of the moderators is to keep the discussion civil, and the environment pleasant and welcoming--but the moderators are totally neutral as to the question of accuracy of comments. That is for the person reading to decide. A civil post that is 100% wrong is as allowable as a civil post that is 100% correct.

I might as well add my personal opinion, that you have many more supporters than detractors on CN. With good reason your products are much loved, and your service is often quoted as the best there is. 

Additionally, some of us with very high opinions of Astro-Physics, will sometimes post on CN first with an issue, because we simply don't want to waste AP's valuable time with what often is just a user "senior moment."