M27 with 110 refractor

Roland Christen

Hello Astronuts,

The other day I had a clear night for testing in the observatory and asked for suggestions for what to image. Unfortunately i had some technical problems with the camera that was not resolved until late that night. I chose to image something bright and M27 happened to be overhead. So here is a crop of this little jewel:
I have been testing the 110 GTX Voyager scope with various flattener optics and comparing the results against bigger scopes. It's surprising how well it does against the bigger scopes under various seeing conditions.


Roland Christen

Eric Weiner

Very nice. Thanks for the 110 update Roland. Looking forward to the product release.



The new scope 110 GTX has been given the name "Voyager"? Wow, I wasn't aware of that- I gotta read the messages here more often 🤔