Losmandy/AP tripod question

michael mccann

Here’s what I’m trying to do. I have a Losmandy G11 and an AP 1600AEL. Normally in Fall/Winter/Spring my AP will be on a pier in an observatory. During the summer I’m toying with using a much smaller load and take my 1600 to nice dark site star parties instead of my G11. The Losmandy HD folding tripod is rated for 425lbs. I’m not planning on going over 175lbs including counterweight, mount, and scope setup. There is the adapter plate for 1100. I was thinking of removing the 1100 ring, adapt a plate for the 1600 ring base which would bolt onto the 1100 adapter plate. Is this ‘likely’ feasible since total weight is lower. What do I need to about the 1600GTO AEL center of gravity, or will centering the 1600 onto the 1100 adapter plate good enough.

Since I don’t have a machine shop equipment, does anyone already make an adapter like this?