IMAGES taken with the A/P GTO Mount

Todd Gross <toddg@...>

Hi All!

Derek wanted me to post a reminder that I have a plethora of AP-GTO driven
images at

All photos taken with the C9.25" and 5.1" EDF scopes were taken on that mount.

I took Mars saturday night, and plan on posting it later today, longitude
83. However, I placed the image on the server this morning, and then the
server went down, so I don't have it for you quite yet.

Can someone tell me what the story is with egroups? Even though a
"moderator" of this list, I'm clueless. Is this a free service?

I didn't receive any subscribe/unsubscribe or other info. yet, did anyone
else.. in other words, did I miss it?


(sorry for the re-send, I needed a new subject line on this one for the


Boston Meteorologist Todd Gross

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