Home and Limits


Good morning,


Continuing my ongoing APCC Pro education.


My goal is to be able to use the 1100 AEL with NINA and Dale Ghent's excellent SmartMeridian Flip plugin.


Need some clarification in configuring APCC and also the best way to set it up to avoid any errant late night slew in the dark/tracking pier crashes.


Per the manual Homing/Limits Tab


Note: The RA Limits that you set here will override any custom Meridian Limits you may have set on the Meridian Tab. These limits are the preferred choice for those using automation software that cannot accommodate the varied limits from the Meridian Tab anyway. Users who are more "hands on" may wish to keep these RA limits OFF and use the customizable limits from the Meridian Tab.

Dec Limits should almost always be ON.

1) Is NINA able to read customizable limits from the Meridian tab. I would assume so given that the smart meridian flip exists? 
2) If I am using the Smartmeridian Flip plugin with NINA, is it better to leave the AE Home/Limits tab vacant?
3) Is there a better way of doing what I hope to achieve? 
4) If I use APCC Meridian Limits, should I populate the DEC LIMITS under the AE home/limit tab. If so how do I figure out the limit?

Apologies if some of these questions are redundant.

Thank you