Fantastic PE correction: AP1100 and PEMPro

Luca Marinelli

I recently cleaned and lubricated my AP1100 with fixed gearboxes. After some help from George to fine tune gear meshing, last night I was ready to create a new PE correction curve. I'll let the charts speak for themselves but needless to say I was extremely pleased with the smooth and moderate uncorrected PE of the mount, the incredible 0.46 arc-sec peak to peak corrected PE, and how well PEMPro works to generate these excellent results.

Thank you very much to both AP and Ray Gralak for these outstanding products!


Before PE correction (average over 6 worm cycles):

After PE correction (average over 3 worm cycles):


Outstanding result.  Who needs encoders :).  Kidding, I know encoders do more than eliminate PE.

Rich Sornborger

I would sure hope so for what they cost!  I've been waiting for them to become available again, must hoping the new price point hasn't gone through the roof.