Electronic Focuser

Chanan Greenberg

Hi All,

Running an old AP 5" Starfire F/6 on an AP900.

Does anyone here use this focuser 27FOC3E-FT (https://www.astro-physics.com/27foc3e-ft) and can you recommend an electronic focuser with temp control / compensation that you know is compatible?


M Hambrick

Hi Chanan

I upgraded the original 1992 era 2.7-inch focuser on my 180 EDT to a 3.5-inch focuser so that I could use the Quad TCC and (eventually) an electronic focuser. The Focuser Boss Electronic Focuser Kit manufactured by Starlight Instruments (and sold on the A-P web site) is a great choice for the 2.7" or 3.5" focusers with the Feathertouch mechanism. Although I don't currently have an electronic focuser for my 180EDT, I have one of the Focuser Boss kits on my Tele-Vue NP101-is, and I am very happy with it. I have never used the automatic temperature compensation though.