Binary Postings - a solution

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

Due to a variety of problems, please keep binary postings off the main

However, there is an alternative for those of us without webpages:

You can put drawings, files on document vault. Our group has 20 megs of
hard disk space.

See instructions below.


The Document Vault: Free Web Space you can Share
One of the handiest tools you'll find at is the
Document Vault. The Vault is a free, password-protected
space for your group to store shared documents, photos or
personal Web pages without annoying pop-up banner ads.

The Document Vault offers:
* 20 Megabytes (MB) of free Web space
* A secure, password-protected environment
* Quick, easy uploading for group members

Tech Tip: Uploading a file to the Vault
1. From the Home page, click My Space
2. Select ap-gto for this group
3. Click Vault
4. If you wish to create a folder in which to place the
file, click Create New Folder. Then click on the folder
to enter the file.
5. Click Upload File
6. Click Browse... to select the file from your computer
7. Click Upload File, and you're done!

Note: Each group has 20MB of total Vault space. You may
upload a maximum of 5MB at a time.

To get started using this and other great
features, visit your Group Info page.