APCC Startup Window

Steve Reilly

A little discovery I made this morning was when I remoted into my observatory computer and started APCC (ver. v1-9.6.3) to make changes to the settings, in this case the Status window to not open when starting, was unless I was powered and connected saving this was no accomplished. If I turned the power on to the mount, connected, and made the changes, in both cases saving before exiting, it would be saved. With no power or connection to the mount it would not save. Is this expected behavior? Seeing I was only on my 1st cup of coffee it was a bit puzzling as to what was happening but after powering up the mount, making a connection (automatically), then checking/setting the Advance Settings to not show, by unchecking it’s box, the Show Status windows when Starting now only starts the main window as wanted. For some reason the only way that setting would work was if I was physically connected to the mount and not so if just having the program, APCC, open and making the change then saving and closing.


A small item but totally unexpected.