I have not set up my meridian functionality in APCC pro, but  would like 

to allow my AP1100 / scope  to track about 15 minutes past the meridian to reduce waiting time for a meridian flip during long subs.


I have space around my pier for at least 15 minutes of tracking past meridian for all declinations.


NINA has a setting  “Max minutes after meridian ” which I would like to set to “15 minutes”.   My Nina settings for meridian flip are attached.


Initially, I was thinking to just set the APCC meridian setting to “enable meridian tracking limits = checked “ and  "flip offset = 15 minutes" and everything would be fine (see image).


But as I read the manual, I realized that the instructions say this is the allowed time to flip BEFORE the meridian (ie not after):


"Flip Offset: This defines a period of time during which the mount can be "flipped" before the actual Meridian Limit is reached. This may be useful when using third party applications so they can perform

a meridian flip before reaching the Meridian Limit, which may trigger tracking to stop or parking the mount."


So to allow tracking past the meridian, I believe that I have to set the "counterweight UP slews within" to the desired figure.  I am focused on setting the "WEST LIMITS because I want to track slightly past the meridian, rather than point to an object before it reaches the meridian;   

The terminology is explained in the manual as follows = "In APCC's Meridian Limits, East and West define where the scope is pointing."


So in my scenario the scope would be on the West of the pier, pointing East;  as the scope tracks past the meridian it will eventually point West - so it is the West limits that are most important to me:

The manual says this:

"Think of West Limits as SAFETY LIMITS. These are the limits that protect you from tracking into the pier, and most people would consider them to be the most important"


I am not concerned about East limits (for now) because they say "Think of East Limits as OPPORTUNITY LIMITS. With an AP mount, you have the opportunity to start tracking an object that is in the east from a counterweight "up" orientation.....


So I checked the box "West limits" in "counterweight UP slews within" is set the “flip offset to 15’.  

I also used the meridian ‘edit’ functionality to define the 15’ clearance on the West (see image).

As well, 
I set “action after limit reached” to “stop tracking” - is this right ? (I saw a video which says to use “just warn”)?


So do these settings look right (see images below)?


I appreciate any  help / insight


I realize that the best thing to do is to map out the entire clearance around the pier (with the APCC meridian explorer) which would get much more out of the mount for tracking past the meridian - I hope to eventually do this, but for now I want to start with “baby steps”   to prevent a pier crash .