APCC / APPM 'Sync' question



I find APCC very intuitive - but following is eluding me:
I have a permanent set-up at the moment (usually mobile) and installed a large pointing model last night.
TheSky is my planetarium.
When starting a new evening session tonight - I just want to confirm what I need to do to sync everything up and re-use last night's APPM model.
Is it sufficient to just plate solve and use 'Star Synchronisation' in TheSky (or is this even necessary ?) - or do I need to do anything within APCC ?
The mount is a Mach2 that was parked at the end of the last session and nothing else will have changed when I unpark it tonight.

Thank you in advance for helping, Marc


Mike@AP kindly answered this question for me by email (within minutes). As long as nothing has changed - do nothing - 'just unpark' is the answer, in case anyone new to APCC has the same question in future.