[ap-ug] OT - Mosquito fogging the observing area ANY ISSUES

Michael Kelly


While I cannot speak to the effects of fogging, my mosquito control consists of using a few fairly large potted citronella plants.   On observing nights in my backyard, I’ll set the bunch of them around my scopes and seating area and this works like a charm for me.  


On Sunday, July 3, 2022, 10:06 AM, Harley Davidson <astrocnc@...> wrote:

Hello guys. I am sure with all the knowledge on this group you could be of help. Subject: Mosquitoes. When I get bit the area swells up without even scratching it. I hate them but they love me.

I've tried every type of product from sprays, lotions, and gimmicky machines.

I bought this fogging machine that I want to use while observing at night (see pictures herein). It uses propane canisters and liquid to produce a fog to kill the mosquitoes. The question becomes is it okay to spray in the area of your equipment if the lens and eyepiece end have covers on them? I always setup in the daytime. It may be out most of the day or from the night before ready for the next evening. Of course I would "fog" the area prior to each evenings observing session.

Any concerns I should be aware of using this product and equipment in the area of use? Again, I have never used a fogging device before.

Thanks for your input!  tony