[ap-ug] Galaxy Mosaic


You are certainly in heavily chartered skies with great result. -Best, Robert

On 03/25/2023 7:59 PM Roland Christen via groups.io <chris1011@...> wrote:

Hello AstroFolk,

I had another clear night last night with good seeing, a bit hazy. Was able to image another wide galaxy field in Coma Berenices. I added this to the M100 image from last week to make a 2 panel mosaic. 


For each faint PGC galaxy there are half a dozen fainter and smaller galaxies surrounding it. Some are incredibly tiny, yet still show structure. There are also several really weird shaped ones, in particular PGC39318, which looks like it was twisted by some gigantic force (see image below).


Even though the seeing was not 100%, the resolution of the tiny galaxies is quite nice. I like this little pair (NGC 4306, 4305):