AP Portable Mount

Samir Patel

Good afternoon all. I know this has been discussed before but is AP interested in coming out with a portable mount say smaller than Mach1, feel there is an absolute need for a portable mount in the market and if AP fills that gap that would be great. The new harmonic mounts which have come out recently seem to be a nice addition, I've only seen AM5 in person, looking forward to check Pegasus and Rainbow mounts at NEAF however would love if AP can also compete in that category and give the AP community an option in that range. 

Samir Patel


Think I saw one thread, missed the other one, will go through it. Apologies if I created another one where it already has been addressed.


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Perhaps you have seen the following threads already



Chris White

I'd be all over a 400gto AE. 

Peter Bresler

I think the Mach 1 is reasonably portable. Mine is packed into a 28 inch  suitcase assembled.