RA limits changing

Ken Sablinsky

Hey all, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with my RA limits on my 1100 AE.  I've set the RA limits to be about 30 minutes past the meridian on both sides.  So in Park 3, it's 98 degrees away in either direction of RA.  If I open up APCC first, that is what is shown and everything works great.  The 'APCC first' picture I attached shows that - 6hours, 33 minutes to reach the West limit from Park 3 position.  

However, if I connect to the mount from NINA first, without opening up APCC (I know, I should always open APCC first, but occasionally I forget), suddenly the RA limits are completely wrong, and I'm only 8 degrees away from the West limit.  If I then disconnect from NINA and then APCC, then immediately reconnect to the mount in APCC again, the limits go back to being correct.  

So NINA opens up the AP driver, which then initiates APCC to open.  Why are limits shifted a full 6 hours when doing it this way? I've reconfigured the RA limits in APCC while in Park 3, but it still occurs every time I connect to the mount first in NINA without having APCC open already.