[ap-ug] [ap-gto] Mars Occultation from Illinois

thefamily90 Phillips

That's a great image. It gives a nice perspective of the size of Mars vs a crater on the Moon like Tycho. Love it!

Jim Phillips 

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That is so fine. -Best, Robert
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For some reason the image was reduced from what I posted. The full res image is here:



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The skies cleared for us in Northern Illinois for the egress of Mars from behind the Moon. Visually it was a stunning sight in the 12" Mak-Cass with a wide-field eyepiece. Marj and I took turns to see the tiny planet emerge from the western part of the Moon. I grabbed my Sony digital camera, removed the eyepiece and shot this scene (attached) as Mars was pulling away. Hand held above the 2" diagonal, 1/1000 second @ASA800, Sony NEX7.


Roland Christen