Configuring a new-to-me 140EDF

Hy Murveit

I'm putting together a new-to-me A-P 140EDF Starfile (circa 2007 or so) that has a 2.7" focuser and field flattener (67PF582). I was thinking of adding an OAG, filter wheel and ZWO ASI2600mm, but none of those 3 are ordered yet.

I'm hoping for the group's wisdom on the choice of OAG, and perhaps camera/filterwheel. Any suggestions?

Ideally, I'd have used a ONAG instead of the OAG--I have one of those on my other rig and really like it, but it seems like the backfocus requirement of the 67PF582 doesn't permit the ONAG (as the ONAG has a long 62mm of optical length), hence the OAG.

Looking forward to seeing that 140edf in action!