ACPP problem Virtual Port #APCC



ACPP  work fine on Windows 10.  

The computer has problems, so get a new computer with Windows 11.
But I'm having problems with ACPP problem Virtual Port #APCC. 
AP V2 Driver work well with COM3 port.

help Virtual Port so that it works then..

900 GTOCP3 


// This question was just asked a couple of days ago. Please read the thread at this link for a solution, which is to configure the driver to use REST instead of the virtual com ports.


I tried REST but tested for 1 hour but didn't get anything working.

Dean Jacobsen

Robert, if you are able to call Astro-Physics tomorrow, I’ll bet that one of their tech support wizards could help you get running.
Dean Jacobsen
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I tried virtual com ports /  REST  and have been trying to test for a few days now...

I test more in  astro-physic mail..