900gto w/ CP4 & asiair


Just in case someone else's interested now/in the future, I wanted to share that the A-P mounts are great for use with ASIAIR, at least, without encoders (proper use of encoders and modeling needs APCC at least for now). 

Without too much (any?) effort.

I had previously used the CP4 + ASIAIR combination with a Mach1 so the 900gto that I purchased used recently is now my second experience with an A-P mount with asiair.

This is how my 30min test session went tonight:

1. power up cp4 & asiair (order didn't seem to matter in my case). asiair then powers camera, focuser, efw etc. cp4 is connected to asiair over USB 2.
2. connect to asiair over wifi from your phone (or iPad; I prefer a phone for precise location info), and select Astro Physics CP4 from the mount selector
3. Without doing anything your asiair should sync your time and location to the cp4. Verify if so on the mount tab.
4. I had to slide the slew speed slider (like on the Preview tab) on the asiair to 200x (the default 64x was too slow).
5. For my 749mm fl scope & oag: set calibration step, max dec duration, max ra duration all to 200

Focus everything, polar align using asiair (like any other mount).
go to the guider tab and calibrate. I used 1sec exposures, with aggressions on both axes set to 80%.

Then I tested it against a target for a couple of mins. With the above sequence of events with the above 1st time settings I was getting around .5" rms.. not outstanding, but this works for me and I can probably dial it down further if I put more effort into it. To begin with my balance wasn't exactly perfect either so I'd likely start there if I wanted to dial this down, then perhaps tweak the guider calibration-related settings.

Note that no Hand Controller was used; this used mount didn't come with one.

I hope this turns out to be useful for folks considering CP4 with asiair to get off the ground.