APPM - Dome Settings - Offset Question

Ray Gralak

Or have I missed something in how to use the "Passive"
option? Thank you!
Unfortunately, the ASCOM Dome API is very low-level and does not provide any support for telescope offsets. You might try installing/enabling the legacy "POTH" in ASCOM which can act as a hub to allow multiple applications to connect to a dome's ASCOM driver.


nx6a <danrprice3@...>

I have a Mach2GTO-L which is several feet off center in a 15 foot Pro-Dome.  If I go to "APPM/setting/Dome Settings" and select "Active" the APPM appears to assume the mount is at the exact center of the dome and positions it accordingly.  I've been able to work around this problem by handing control of the dome over to Digital Dome Works or TheSkyX and setting the "settling" time of APPM to twenty or thirty seconds.  Both Digital Dome Works and TheSkyX allow mount offset values to be added in their settings.  But, I really like the feature that APPM has of waiting for the dome to position itself and then proceeding with imaging and plate solving - this is much faster than waiting twenty or thirty seconds for each Measurement Point.  I've tried using the "Passive" option, but it appears to require the dome be connected and this does not seem to be possible when Digital Dome Works or TheSkyX are controlling the dome.  Is there any chance that APPM can be modified to allow us to enter a mount offset in "APPM/setting/Dome Settings"?  Or have I missed something in how to use the "Passive" option?  Thank you!