Trouble auto-connect ASCON driver following mount intialization

John Stiner

I have an AP1100 GTO AE-L. I connect my laptop to the CP4 via an Icron Ranger for USB over a Cat 5e/6/7 cable (not sure if that matters).   I was out of commission for 9 months awaiting camera repairs and, in the meantime, acquired a new imaging laptop with Windows 11, so I'm fairly certain this is user error due to forgetting what little I knew before.  I'm using APCC Pro v1.9.4.3 and v.5.50.03 of the ASCOM driver.  In any event, I'm trying to get everything back up and running. I initially encountered the trouble with virtual ports and so took the actions described in the post below.  I set the virtual ports to "None" in APCC's Virtual Ports tab and in the ASCOM Driver settings, I checked the "IP Address" box which showed the "APCC REST API" box, which I also checked.

New versions of APCC Standard, Pro, and AP V2 ASCOM Driver to use as an Eltima alternative (

After powering up the amount and opening APCC, APCC now auto-initializes and, following initialization, I can click the "Connect" button for the AP V2 Driver and it connects fine.  However, despite having "Auto-Connect" box checked for the AP V2 Driver (as well as for the Mount), for whatever reason the driver never auto-connects or attempts to do so.  Rather, I have to click on the "Connect" button.  I realize there are worse problems than having to click a button but still wonder why the driver does not auto-connect.