Doubt about the modeling when changing cameras #Mach2GTO

Marcelo Figueroa

The current modeling (ASI1600mm) works perfectly with the new camera (ASI533mm). All I had to do is remove the old camera and install the new one, I didn't even bother to rebalance the mount.
The equipment is an Esprit 100 on a Mach 2.


Dean Jacobsen

I think that if you can swap out the camera without changing anything else you should be OK.  Try it and let us know what happens.  The worst that could happen is that you would have to redo your model. 🙂
Dean Jacobsen
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Marcelo Figueroa

I am getting a new camera, the ASI 533 mono and the modeling was done with an ASI 1600.
Is it necessary to redo the modeling with the new camera? Both cameras weigh about the same and my theory is that it shouldn't matter, because once the modeling is done the mount has no idea which camera is being used.
The mount is a Mach 2.