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Hi Luke

in my opinion APCC has tremendous value for any AP mount. It's definitely worth inserting into your software chain, even if you use it sparingly now. 

There are too many features to list, but among the best ones are all-sky modeling/dec-arc modeling for more accurate tracking results, custom meridian tracking limits to increase your imaging time across the meridian, safety features like parking the mount on connection loss, etc.


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Sorry for the silly question, I will soon be taking delivery of a new AP1600 and wish to prepare for its arrival. I am using an AP1200 atm with NINA and the AP ascom platform. This works well for me.


Question:  what are the main advantages in using APCC and is it only worthwhile with encoder optioned mounts? Due to the incredibly poor imaging weather this summer, I still have a number of new features in NINA that I wish to learn so don’t want to learn new software atm unless there is a significant gain to be had.






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That is some sound advice.



Brian Valente