AP 1200 and NINA PA routine


Just got a 1200GTO and tried the NINA polar align for the first time. It slewed to the first location but after that did not move the required amounts for the next two samples. An error was issued similar to yours. I am using a CP3 controller with Rev L. I have the V2 chip on order and maybe that will make a difference.

I see your post is from back in March, have you found a solution. 


Luke Dodd

Has any used the 3 point polar align routine in NINA’s latest Beta version. I am unable to get the mount to slew from within the NINA”s automatic mode PA routine. I constantly get the error message ‘mount only slewed in RA 0.89 degrees not the 10 degrees required’. I do not use APCC, just connect the mount thru the ascom driver. I have adjusted settings in the NINA plugin menu but they made no difference to the slew. I Adjust slew speed in the ASCOM driver to no effect.
I did wrestle with the manual option for polar alignment and after 45min finally had the PA good. The alignment seemed consistent with the PHD2 polar drift routine. Seems you actually have to disconnect the mount from NINA to use the manual slew option in the PA routine. Took quite some time to figure this out. I have posted this issue on the NINA discord but have not received any advice, and to my knowledge there is no manual explaining its use.
Any help appreciated. Thanks