A-P 17" Cass?

Howard Ritter

I just discovered the S&T video of Dennis DiCicco interviewing Roland at the 2016 NEAF on the subject mainly of the 1600GTO mount, which I’m scheduled to receive in February. I never fully realized what a monster this mount is! I thought at first that it was a 3600.

It was carrying an open-truss OTA that I first thought might be a PlaneWave, but which turned out to be a 17" classical Cass that Roland built for himself. The comments about the scope led me to think that it might originally have been a prototype or test case for eventual production. That was almost 6 years ago. Did the idea not progress to commercial viability, or is it still possible that it might go into production?

My notional goal is eventually to replace the Meade 16” SCT that I plan to put on the 1600 initially with a 17” PlaneWave CDK. But if A-P might be offering its own 17”...