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Beautiful! Well done Rolando!!


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One last image from my recent Hawaii trip - the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy. I was fortunate to have good seeing conditions for my Luminance exposures. Next night I tried to get RGB but the seeing deteriorated badly and these subs did not turn out well. So, we have only the Luminance version. I was surprised how bright it was and how well the stars resolved, even though I was shooting quite low to the south.

The images were taken for the most part unguided using keypad modeling. Some of the last few were bump guided (gently nudged every 10 seconds). As the galaxy started to dip towards the horizon over the Pacific ocean the Luminance stars started to stretch out due to atmospheric refraction - the dispersion of the various colors that also causes the Green flash when the sun sets.

175 EDF refractor without flattener, 683 WSG camera, mounted on the AP 1600 encoder mount.