No longer lost in space...but the pointing....


Roland was correct (no surprise there)! After regreasing my AP1200 mount It lost the ability to know where it was pointing.

The answer was to match the computer location and time with the keypad even though it was on the External setting.

That allowed me to do a recal on a star and start the modeling process. My imaging telescope is a C14 at f5 has a 1950 mm

focal length. The imager chip  FOV is 19.6X29.1 Arcmins. I made a 40 star (so far) model using TPoint in The Sky 6 pro. I am

able to put a star on the imager chip every time but rarely in the center even though I recentered the star every time.


Would any of you call that pointing good, OK or needs work?


Thanks for any suggestions,






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Peter Nagy

If your C14 is not an EdgeHD without mirror locks, then it may be mirror flop flexure.



Thanks for the response Peter. I do have mirror locks.

Even the 40 stars I’ve T-Pointed change to slightly different locations on my imager CCD each time I come back to them during the night.

Something seems to be moving…I’ve checked everything and nothing is loose or slipping.




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