Strange mount movement with NINA interfaced to Mach2 (via APCC/ASCOM) #APCC #Mach2GTO

Greg McCall

Hi, I had a quick search and couldn't find this issue but I'm happy to have it answered if you remember it has already been addressed.

Background -- Successful sessions using SGPro to control Mach2 (Via ASCOM_hub->APCC->Mach2)
Today, with all the advances with NINA and the snail-paced SGPro development, I fired up the latest nightly 1.11 build of NINA (as of 27/10/2021)
I noticed a strange behaviour when trying to slew the mount in NINA but no issues swapping to APCC to do the same thing.

The mount seems to accelerate for a moment, then slow a little and keep on moving constantly while NINA mount movement button is pressed.
On releasing the button, the mount stops and does a short reverse direction move. (as if it was taking up some backlash)

So, why the short burst move at the beginning and then the little reverse at the end?
(maybe I should have titled the issue "Mach2 dance moves with NINA")

(BTW, both mount axes are balanced. OTA is a SkyWatcher ESPRIT 120ED, moonlite focuser and QHY600M-PH camera and 7x50mm filterwheel - so the load is way within mount limits)