1600GTO notification


If you are interested in the 1600GTO mount and had signed up previously with the NotifyMe button, I urge you to check your emails periodically. We started our notification process on September 27.


The notification emails that we send out will have a deadline for you to contact us before we move on to the next person on the list.  Since the NotifyMe button only allows you to enter your email address, that is the only means that we have to contact you. Don’t miss your opportunity to order yours!


If you have not signed up, we invite you to do so. Just click the NotifyMe button for any of the 1600 webpages (1600GTO, 1600GTO-AE oar 1600GTO-AEL). You do not need to decide on encoders at the time you sign up and there is no obligation.


We plan to begin shipping these mounts shortly after the beginning of the new year.


Clear Skies,

Marj Christen


11250 Forest Hills Road

Machesney Park, IL 61115

Phone: 815-282-1513