Cannot lower AP1100 102 arc min

Shailesh Trivedi

I have a new pier for my AP1100AE. I have adjusted the AZ position using PEMPRO for polar alignment. I am at latitude 38.6 degrees and according to the AP1100 user manual, I need to place the Altitude adjuster bar in slot 5 (37 -47degrees centered at 42 deg.)

PEMPRO is asking me to lower the mount 102 arcmin and, even after loosening the polar axis lock knobs, I am unable to lower the mount; now with an OTA and counterweights.

How do I lower the mount? Any pointers will help, thanks.



Is the mount level in the north-south axis and the altitude adjuster backed all the way out? Trying to understand if it is that you’ve run out of range of movement or if the axis is stuck with a gap between it and the adjuster.