GTOCP4 #WiFi Issues #WiFi

Howard Hedlund

Hi Alex,

Do you have a "#" sign, "$" sign or a ":" in your main password?  The pound sign absolutely cannot work because it is the terminator for all AP commands.  In other words, if your password is:
12345#67890, when you try to tell this to the GTOCP4 or CP5 through the webpage, the command will terminate at the "#" sign.  The CP4/5 will take the password to be:  12345.  
The ":" and the "$" sign are how commands begin, so although the may work, they are best avoided in passwords.  All other letters, numbers and special characters are fine to use.



Hi Alex,
I have not had that issue but my Google Nest WiFi password is not that long. I think its only 10 characters. Mine connects without issue.


I just received my new 1100GTO today, and I'm getting it setup in my backyard observatory.  It's a very impressive piece of equipment.  I think the counterweight bar weighs more than my first mount.

My preference for now is to control it via WiFi as I always seem to have bad luck with USB, and Ethernet is currently tricky to run to the mount for the time being, though that's probably the long term solution once I can run a cable cleanly to the mount. I've jury rigged an ethernet cable in order to set it up. It was easy to determine the IP address it got assigned from my router's admin screen and no problem connecting to the CP4's embedded web server.  When I try to configure the WiFi, it displays mine (and my neighbors) networks no problem, but when I try to connect it to my home network, it just displays "Connecting..." and never updates.  I'm positive I'm using the correct password.  

With my WiFi setup, I can create additional networks, so I tried creating an open network with no password, and the CP4 connects to it just fine, so I know it can connect with my equipment.  My main network has a password that's a 20+ characters long phrase, using mixed case with numbers and punctuation.  Figuring that may be the issue, I then created a network with a shorter, simpler password, and the CP4 connects to it just fine.  So it appears that the CP4 doesn't connect to WiFi networks with long/complex passwords.  Anyone else have this issue?

My home network is all Ubiquiti UniFI stuff, and I have multiple WiFi access points, including one in the observatory.