pulseguide option in SkyX #ASCOM_V2_Driver


Hi All,

I'm using the AP V2 ASCOM driver with SkyX to control a 900 GTOCP3 mount on a windows 10 machine.  Does the AP driver support the 'pulseguide' option on the 'guide using' pulldown in the SkyX autoguider tab?  If so, does the group recommend using pulseguide rather than the relays and thus ditch the extra cable?
Thanks, Adam

Howard Hedlund

Use the pulseguide option.  That way, the guide pulse is sent as a timed move command - i.e. move west for 30 mSec - which is handled by the GTOCP3.  There are no timing issues because the timing is in the command, and does not depend on perfectly timed move and stop instructions to the relays.



Perfect.  Thanks Howard