[ap-ug] [ap-gto] Two videos for your Easter weekend

Harley Davidson

Save some eggs for my two dogs and myself Jim :)


On 4/3/2021 4:35 PM, thefamily90 Phillips wrote:
Happy Easter to Tony and Everyone. Working on dyeing eggs and putting together Easter Baskets for my 32 yo daughter and 30 yo son plus their significant others. Makes me feel young!


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Happy Easter guys!

I just uploaded two [2] videos:

Astro-Physics Equatorial Mounts and PARK POSITIONS

Astro-Physics Starfire 175EDF on a Mach2 Mount

ALSO - very strangely enough my Mach2 power supply went dead as I was doing this video yesterday. A call to Daleen got Liam for me who took care of it. Working faster than the speed of light they got a new power supply out to me next day (today)! That is 110% customer service!


Jim Phillips