I am thinking of investing in APCC and I wondered which one to go for. My mount is an AP1100 Gto.
I have tried to download a copy for testing but for some reason I cannot download it. Your guidance would be appreciated.

M Hambrick

Hi Vince

I can't help you on the download, but George or Ray should be able to do so. As for which version to get, my two cents opinion - Get the APCC-Pro version. You may not use all of the functionality at first, but sooner or later you will be glad to have it, and it does not cost that much more.




It is at https://www.astro-physics.info/index.htm?tech_support/software/apcc/apcc-download

You can navigate there from the main A-P hom epage by clicking Software Updates.

P.S. I agree with Mike's recommendation.  The ability to build GoTo and Pointing models in APPC-Pro / APPM alone is worth the price differential.
I also have the 1100 and started with APPC-Standard, but upgraded.



Thank you for the feedback. I followed the link all the way and when I click download nothing happen.
I will go for the APCC pro but until I can download a copy I will have to wait till this issue is resolved.
Thanks for your help.


problem solved. It was my mistake. Needs to go back to school and learn to read. :)