AP1100 past the meridian question

Shailesh Trivedi

If the pier or tripod clears the scope and imaging train, approximately how many minutes/hours would an AP1100 go past the meridian?


Peter Nagy

Depends on Declination of your target. In my case I can image anywhere where Declination is below or smaller than my latitude (at or south of Zenith) from East to West without Meridian flipping. The shorter the scope the better.


Eric Claeys

There’s a declination where my C11 can do a 360, and other declinations where it only goes an hour past the meridian.  One of the great things about APCC is that it has per-declination meridian limits.  It’s actually fairly easy to set them up, and can be done inside as long as the scope/mount/tripod is set up as it will be in the field, which is easy to do.

And unless you change something, the limits don’t need to be redone.



Shailesh Trivedi

Thank you Eric and Peter,

I was able to image past the meridian overnight with my FSQ 106 (short scope).