My Mach1 is between a rock and a hard place

Nick Iversen

Due to trees, my Mach1 is currently between a fence and a wall and I dare not slew because of the risk of a wall crash. Not a problem because I can manually slew RA then Dec then RA to get to my target without hitting the wall.

But I'm curious and I enjoy a good puzzle. I wonder if I can find a park position that lets me slew to the target with a GOTO.

It would be useful to know the formula that the Mach1 uses to decide how to slew. Anyone? It's not obvious - slewing from Park 3 means that both RA and Dec axes move simultaneously. But from Park 4 it goes Dec then RA. And when I use a positive meridian delay the RA axis moves twice.

So if I know the formula I might be able to solve the puzzle.