NB Imaging With Mach2


Hello:  I'm looking for advise on narrow band imaging with a Mach2 mount.  I'm a proud owner of the new Mach2 and have done some unguided imaging (only up to 3 minute subs) with a OSC.  I'm looking at moving into imaging with a mono camera and a TEC140FL.  I've been looking at either the ZWO ASI2600mm pro or QHY268M (both have sensors that are APS-C).  I'm wondering if I would need to incorporate a OAG into my imaging chain or will the MACH2 be capable of un-guided images in the 10-15 minute range (maybe shorter times?) for doing the narrow band imaging?  All the best and thanks in advance for any help!  Scott

Marcelo Figueroa

I don't know at that focal length, but shorter distances (Esprit 100) my Mach2 is quite capable of 10 or 15 minute exposures without guiding. I haven't tried longer exposures, but I think for times longer than 30 minutes, some sort of guiding is probably a good idea.
Personally I prefer shorter exposures, about 5 minutes, because if a frame is lost due to a satellite or other inconvenience I also lose a good part of the night. In this case, about 5 minutes, going unguided works great.


Thanks Marcelo!  With the TEC140FL I would either be imaging at 980 mm or I also have the AP QUADTCC to image at around 700 mm.  I'm curious what camera your using?  Good point about satellites and other stuff as that sure has become more of an issue but so far it seems like software can deal with most of it. Thanks much for your experiences!  Scott